Friday, 2 March 2018

Deliverance prayers can be said by lay people -privately said

I am grateful to a good friend who got this book for me.
It contains prayers to break curses and spells.
Prayer to break unholy ties.
Prayers for protection before deliverance and prayer for inner healing.

Do contact me if anyone needs a copy of the prayers

Monday, 25 December 2017

3 methods used by Evil Spirits-oppression,obsession & possession

Father Salvador Carrillo, a Scripture scholar comments- "Satan's greatest victory is that he has got us to believe that he doesn't  exist, thus permitting him to act with complete freedom.

Satan uses three methods: oppression, obsession & possession.

Oppression is the effect of Satan on bodies and things, for example, noises in the night, things that move about themselves, lights that go on and off, voices, some illnesses that are medically in explicable.

There was a man named Julio Nunez who was unable to walk and had to go around on all fours.  The Lord healed him at a prayer meeting. About a year later, the parish priest of San Francisco de Macoris asked us to give a charismatic retreat. I invited Julio to come to the retreat to give his testimony.
When I arrived and asked for Julio, a lady sadly told me: "Father, that thing came back to Julio. Yes, Father, he can't walk anymore and is back to crawling again."
"How long has he been like this?"
"It started again five days ago."  I asked her to go and find him, and he was brought to see me on a horse. We began to pray for his healing. I said to the Lord: "Lord , you can't show up badly here, this is Julio's parish,"but the Lord didn't heal him. So we began to pray in tongues, suddenly the word's "spirit of illness"came to my mind. So I commanded:"Spirit of illness, in the name of Jesus I order you to come out and let this child of God be free. In the name of Jesus I order you to throw yourself at the feet of Jesus, so that he may dispose of you as he sees fit, and I forbid you to return and bother him, for he is a child of God and you own no part of him."

Julio started shivering, and then, very simply, he got up and started to walk.


Obsession is the influence and the action of the enemy over people's minds. There are people who are tormented by a tremendous sexual obsession or the idea of suicide; by a spirit of blasphemy or self destruction or contempt: by the feeling that they are not worthy of God's  forgiveness. It could be said that an obsession is like a temptation, except that instead of being temporary it is permanent, and has a power and an intensity that seem to make it impossible to overcome.


Possession occurs when a person has made a conscious act of giving his will to Satan, selling his/her soul, signing satanic pacts with blood or belonging to a satanic sect. It can also occur in people whose parents have consecrated them to the devil with or without their consent.

(extract taken from the book-Jesus Lives Today by Fr Emiliano Tardif)

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Taking a short break

Hi, everybody,
 I am taking a short break as the dark forces are zapping my energy.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Let us be aware of the forces making satanic rosaries

Be careful when strangers give you a rosary. Be aware of the rosary with the wrong symbols- explained by the exorcist priest.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

St Benedict medal protects Jack from being charmed by Thai woman

My ex -neighbor Mr. Jack, who temporary left the catholic faith, came back after the late Fr Fabian SS.CC did  a minor exorcism on his son who was possessed by three spirits. ( will share that story for another blog). we used to bump into each other and share some stories about the faith. On some occasions I will pass him a religious article or medal.

One day, after he returned from a business trip from Thailand, he was so excited to share his experience. he said he went to a masseur for massage because he had leg pain. after the massage, the Thai woman offered other services- sexual by nature. jack explained that he is a married man and did not wish to obtain another service. When he returned to his hotel, he heard a sound in his room from the metal cabinet. Heb opened it and saw the St Benedict medal. He felt his guardian angel could be reminding him to wear the medal so he immediately wore the medal around his neck.

After this, he looked out of the window and to his surprise, he saw the Thai girl who had massage him earlier was standing below his hotel building and chanting, she turned and walked away. He believes that the St Benedict medal saved him from being charmed.

He then said that whenever he saw me (in his mind he will say ,"oh here comes Jude with another medal")  This time he realize that the sacramental value of St Benedict's medal. While in Malaysia , he met lots of people who shared their experience of the St Benedict's medal, and how this blessed medal saved them from witchcraft.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

"Be on your guard, exorcist priest warns we are living in dangerous times"

Talk given by Fr Pat Collins at the Cork, Charismatic Conference on November 28th, 2010, about the way of evil. we need to rely on Christ to give us the strength during the times of temptation.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Rosary- won battle of Lepanto & former satanic priest converts through Rosary

Blessed Bartolo Longo was born near Naples Italy, to a Catholic family that prayed the rosary. As a young man studying at the  University of Naples he became anti-Catholic. He became involved in spiritualism and become an ordained priest of Satan.

Bartolo's involvement in occult and spiritualism made him unhappy and he felt empty. He suffered from nightmares and from hallucinations. He went into severe depression. Seeking guidance , he turned to a Dominican priest who guided him to renounce occult.

He joined the Third Order Dominican. He felt he was still under the bondage of the devil and had a deep sense of hopelessness. There was one thing that drew him out of depression : calling to mind Mary's promise to St. Dominic that whoever promotes the rosary will be saved. He gave his entire life over to promotion of the rosary. The rosary became the sweet chain that bound him to Jesus and Mary, and broke the bondage of Satan.